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The council will amongst other things perform the following functions

Promote continuous collaborations among grassroots humanitarian organizations working for the economic, social and cultural development of the minorities.

  • Forge strong partnerships between governments and all segments of the nongovernment agencies, in particular women, the youth, children, organized labor, the private sector and professional groups.
  • Promote the participation of minority group in the implementation of the policies and programs of government for their communities.
  • Support policies and programs that will promote peace, security and stability in communities where minorities dwell and foster development and integration of the minority nationwide.
  • Promote and defend a culture of good governance, democratic principles and institutions, popular participation, human rights and freedoms as well as social justice as its affect the minority.
  • Promote, advocate and defend a culture of gender equality.

Promote and strengthen the institutional, human and operational capacities of the minority’s non-governmental organizations.

Africa Humanitarian Council (AHC) formerly known as African Disaster Relief Fund is an organization that will regulate NGO activities in Africa and for African. It acts as an Africa Disease Relieve foundation. Africa Humanitarian Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. It is a think tank dedicated to improving the lives of Africans through ideas and action. Our objective is to restore ethical global leadership in Africa and as such making Africa relevant to world affairs. We believe that poverty and disease are moral problems of African leadership.

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